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Collection: Cookie Crew Memberships

-Cookie Crew Full Membership Plans include:

-Each month you will receive 4-(four) 3D printed cookie cutters mailed to your home (2 of which will be exclusive designs, not available to the public). All 4 cutters will be used in the tutorial later that same month. Lite subscribers will not receive subscription cutters automatically.** See below.

-BOTH Cookie Crew and Cookie Crew Lite Membership Plans include:

-Each month you will have access to a step-by-step, 4 design tutorial in our private FB group. A downloadable outline (dates, supply list, icing list, and a photo of the decorated cookies) will be posted in the group so you can plan and prep ahead of time. The tutorial will remain in the group and you can view it at any time, at your own pace. It will also be added to our mobile app later for easy access.

-You’ll receive 15% off all of our cutters, stencils, scribes, and tumblers in our Shopify store,  50% off eBooks, and our digital packaging cards and tags are free to active members.

-Our free mobile app has a private section designed just for our Crew members. There you will find all of our past and current tutorials (library of 100+), monthly outlines, photos of each monthly set completed, a list of all past tutorials for reference, recipes, and more.

-Access to the Crew Store section in our Shopify store to purchase our exclusive cookie cutters that are not available to the public, and past monthly tutorial cutters

-Access to our STL section in our Shopify store. If you print your own cutters, this is a great collection of our cutter designs available to you. The $5 monthly access fee is included in your subscription. 

-Our tutorials are structured for all levels of skill but are geared toward beginner/intermediate. We have something for everyone.

-​You have the flexibility to work at your own pace. Each tutorial (including past tutorials) will remain available to you in both the private FB group and the app while you are enrolled, whenever your schedule allows 

-Our $10 design fee for a custom cutter/stencil or digital order is waived for all members. We take requests and suggestions from our members on a regular basis

-You will make personal connections and friendships with other cookiers who share your passion for all things cookie! These friendships have proven invaluable to us that have been in this industry for quite some time and fellow cookiers are a great support team.

Due to current shipping rates and slower transit times, our full package enrollment is open to US residents only (current international members are grandfathered in). The Cookie Crew Lite plan is open for International enrollment. 

*Once membership is canceled, access to the private group, private crew section in the store, and the private section in the mobile app will be ended.                 

** Lite Subscribers are able to purchase the physical monthly tutorial cutters from the online crew store.  

One-month reoccurring subscriptions are available on our website, they can be canceled at any time and will be deducted automatically each month from your PayPal account. Click Here


    D&B Cookie Crew is a private cookie tutorial club of Dots and Bows Designs. Each registered member will receive access to 1 monthly tutorial (minimum 5 different designs) complete with a monthly supply list and outline. 4 cookie cutters from the planned set will be supplied and shipped to your home the first week of each month prior to the tutorial. This group will meet on the Facebook Closed Group platform and will conform to group standards as allowed by Facebook. Regular group conversations are allowed and encouraged. Membership is granted to paying members only. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time by either party, but no refunds will be issued for partially fulfilled subscriptions or payments after payment has been posted. Subscriptions being canceled by the subscriber will need to be done via their own personal Paypal account. Subscription fees will be auto-deducted via PayPal through the secure PayPal subscription system. The subscription fees will be deducted on the same calendar day as the date of your initial payment.  Approval to the closed Facebook group will be granted once the new monthly session begins. One-Time payment members can renew their subscriptions via Shopify anytime the enrollment period is open. Access to the Facebook group, tutorial library, discounts and perks, and the Crew portion of the app will end when subscriptions are terminated or expire.
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